Breast Cancer Diagnostics

SurgicEye Products

SurgicEye is a complimentary technology in which EBG has exclusive licensor in both Canada and China. SurgicEye’s high-quality imaging solutions and reconstruction capabilities enable 3D SPECT imaging and navigation during intra-operative lympho-scintigraphy and lesion localization procedures. SurgicEye’s cornerstone product, declipseSPECT, provides intraoperative 3D image visualization and navigation for gamma probes during radio-guided surgery to resect labeled structures like tumors, metastases and sentinel lymph nodes. Even small and deeper-seated lesions can be instantly localized and precisely differentiated. The solution offers an instrument to safely perform minimally invasive and complete tumor surgery.

Dilon Technologies

We have licensed from Dilon, a gamma camera technology that is designed specifically for women and breast imaging. Combined with a radio labelled isotope, Sestamibi, this procedure can help detect tumors in women with both normal and dense breast tissue in a more discreet and physically comfortable environment than current technology. Dilon has been available in the US for several years and has received Canadian approval in June of 2012.

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals has a portfolio of imaging biomarkers for both PET and SPECT application. Currently, Navidea has received FDA approval for Lymphoseek, which is an interoperative lymphatic mapping agent that is initially indicated for breast cancer and melanoma. Future indications include head and neck cancer and the potential to detect the sentinel node in surgery.