TURN KEY SERVICES & PRODUCTS Convergence and Translational R&D Strategies


Convergence and Translational R&D Strategies

We bring together synergistic and complimentary technologies, expertise, human and capital resources into goal-oriented project teams to identify and deliver high potential ideas.

We leverage resources in order to speed commercialization from product conception to incubation (proof of concept, product development) and marketable product

Our key services are based on a vertically integrated multidisciplinary and multi-industry expertise and resource.  Enigma Biomedical Group believes that a paradigm shift in the drug development model and may eventually become a defacto standard used by the pharmaceutical industry if current trends are any indication. Vertical integration will include:

  • Raw Materials Supplier for tracer production (enriched isotopes of various materials)

  • Basic MIM Laboratory will convert the raw material into the PET tracer

  • Advanced MIM Laboratory which labels the biological/drug agents with the PET tracer

  • University and Pharmaceutical Industry resources access for the biological/drug agents of interest

  • PET expertise and facilities

  • MIM Centre: providing imaging capabilities;

  • Basic MIM Laboratory: providing core radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production capabilities;

  • Advanced MIM Laboratory: providing capabilities in research-grade radiopharmaceutical production, imaging, and development of animal models.

Enigma Biomedical Group offers full turn key and vertically integrated solutions for the design and build-out of MIM Centres  In partnership with local stakeholders.


For biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Enigma Biomedical Group offers Contract Research Services support for early and late stage drug development including human clinical trials.  Enigma Biomedical Group maintains a unique population database for this purpose.  All our processes are GMP and GCP compliant.



We provide a range of consulting services to medical product companies and also consult in emerging technologies. Offering over 34 years of managerial, technical and strategic implementation experience in a wide range of health care enterprises. We work with associates around the world that are industry visionaries. For early-stage companies, EBG can provide services essential to corporate growth and success to include, but not to, limited to value proposition, branding, regulatory affairs, global distribution channel development and emerging technology product launch sales and marketing. We also specialize in  new market space creation for various industry segments. We would be glad to discuss your specific needs, so please feel free to us to contact us.


We bring together scientists in academia and

pharma, clinicians and regulators to define new

frameworks towards efficient drug discovery

specific to companion drug & biomarker solutions.